Deadpool Powerpoint Theme

Deadpool Powerpoint Theme

priceDeadpool Powerpoint Theme is a free Template created by Mac Hope about Deadpool with white background. It is our Premium collection, it is created for professional Presentations.

Wade Wilson is a previous Special Forces agent who now fills in as a soldier of fortune. His reality comes smashing down when underhanded researcher Ajax (Ed Skrein) torments, deforms and changes him into Deadpool. The rebel explore leaves Deadpool with quickened recuperating powers and a turned

The template is multipurpose, professional, clean, creative and simple. All elements are easy to edit. Here is the description of Deadpool Powerpoint Theme

Template Name : Deadpool Powerpoint Theme
Features : Marvel Deadpool with white background

Premium Clean and light Template

All Icon and Content 100% are Editable

Easy to Change Picture

No photoshop Required!

Compatibility : PowerPoint 2000, Power Point XP, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 ,PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint MAC
Update : 2016-11-16

Deadpool Powerpoint Theme Screenshots

Deadpool Powerpoint Themescreenshot_2

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